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Project begins: October 2020

In 2009, I completed the Crisis Garden project. Although I had planned to build more, many other projects took precedence. Finally in 2020, having lots of stay-at-home time available, I returned to the garden to complete it. Originally, the augment was supposed to have been a series of larger, outer circles but after realizing how huge such a project would be, I opted for a series of smaller, inner planters.

The first step was to draw out where the planters would be. This was easy with a string attached to a can of spray paint. Next, I excavated the irrigation so that I could add new outlets to the new planters.

Irrigation and layout

Next was the footings. I had to pour each one individually because the weird shape of the planters required creating custom forms. For the steel reinforcement, I used left-over rebar from previous projects.


In previous projects, I used a string line with an bubble level to get elevations. This turned out to be horrendously inaccurate and time consuming to set up and continually adjust. The solution was a rotating laser level, which turned out to me MUCH more accurate and easy to manage.

Laser level

The idea was to establish a keystone on one of the planters, then use that as a master elevation to transfer to everything else.

Half way

Garden Augment completed December 2020

Augment completed