Casa de Kertesz
An experiment in Contemporary Colombian Drug Lord design

The first five years of this project were the hardest and most time-consuming part: Deciding what to build, finding the right architect, finding the right builder, and getting the money and all the permits to make it happen.

Bought 1.3 acres of land in a Circle G community in Queen Creek, Arizona.

After visiting more than 100 model homes and floor plans, acquired the services of a very talented architect (Jack Houston Design Group) to design the perfect house. The design was a combination of Spanish Colonial, Santa Barbara, and some other stuff that I'm not sure has a name. The intention was to have a radial design with minimal wasted space, a guest casita, a huge courtyard, a partial basement, and secret passages. I refer to the design as "Contemporary Colombian Drug Lord" for lack of a better term because of the sniper towers and sentry posts. The security features are on the wish list and may not be included in the eventual design.

home security

After 3 years of design, getting financing, and getting permits from Homeowner's associations and Town of Queen Creek, the plans are finally done and approved. Found a contractor who had built houses similar to the design (Inside Out Construction) and broke ground in December.

December 2006 Construction
January 2007 Construction
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November 2007 Construction Completion