Boiler Room II - June 2011

After finishing the rathskeller and a few other odd projects, I looked at the remaining picnic table desks in the Boiler Room with disdain, knowing that I could replace them with something much better. This is the BEFORE picture:

The first task was finishing the corner shelves. This was the easy part and of course, my ever-present assistant Anya approves the design.

corner shelves

The new desks required some design thought. I needed a straight stretch of desk for my piano, two guest desks, and a place to put the printer. The mistakes that I made with the original Boiler Room and the Nebuchadnezzar Bridge helped in reducing production time and improving previous designs.

new desks

It occurred to me after modeling the design that it looked like a sci-fi spacecraft. I channeled the spirit of Andreas Katsulas (who unfortunately died of lung cancer in 2006) to ask his thoughts on what ship it could be. Mr. Katsulas played both Romulan Commander Tamalak in Star Trek Next Generation and G'Kar in Babylon 5.

 "The design does resemble a spacecraft .. if three dimensions were taken into consideration, I would have to say it most resembled a Romulan Warbird."


I also enlisted the help of Armin Shimmerman, who played Quark on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

"The 36th rule of acquisition states that you should never give an opponent credit for an apt assessment, especially when he may be right. Although I can see how the design might resemble a Romulan Warbird, a two-dimensional view would look more like a Ferengi Marauder."


It doesn't matter, this desk isn't going to win any space battles. The desktop paint is one coat of brilliant white latex as a primer, three coats of fluorescent white theatrical paint, and three coats of clear acrylic as a protectant. It also has 12 proton torpedo tubes and 24 disruptor arrays.


This is the AFTER picture: