Boiler Room - July/August 2010

Picture the scene from from Nightmare on Elm Street where a dream sequence depicts a little girl, in her Sunday best, riding a tricycle. Her tricycle journey ends in a boiler room, after which she looks up over her shoulder and says "This is where he takes us". I thought of that scene after witnessing the countless carcases of birds of lizards that the cats bring downstairs and wonder: "What would those creatures say in a dream sequence"?

Hence, the "Boiler Room". Besides being the place where cats evicerate their prey, this is the place where the men congregate. Other cultures may classify it as a "man cave", but we aren't into all of that traditional crap.

All of the ideas came from scribbles that I produced during boring meetings to keep myself awake. Here are some of them:

Basement schematics

All the bookshelves are made of cheap particleboard that bow under the weight of a single book, and the desks are collapsible lunch tables that have seen better days.

The first step is to clear a spot to put the "threater corner".

Timmy inspects the work and gives his blessing.

The threater cabinet should support the weight of a big TV.

The "mini shelves" are intended to support game consoles.

I had to buy 15 sheets of 4x8 MDF, which I was surprised to have completely consumed for this project.

Finally the new shelves start to take shape.

I chose black for all the shelves to contrast the yellow and whites of the walls and desks. Also, black hides dirt and stains so I can maintain the illusion that I'm good at keeping everything clean.

East-facing shelves are done.

Construction starts for the south-facing shelves.

Eventually, Erik and I will complete the audio system for the theater. I got a head start on some of the speaker mounts by welding wall and ceiling-mount speaker cradles.

After the sheves are complete, I start the boys' desks. The design is the same as I used in the prototype, but with a couple of changes. Connor's desk has a "cut in" that has a slightly larger diameter than the turn-radius of a chair. Also, I built a secondary desktop with a welded, steel riser system with which to attach monitors and other desk stuff.

The desk system starts to take shape. I built it to be completely broken down into individual pieces so that one person can move it all.

Erik's ass. Not part of the construction but he found my camera during construction and made it his bitch.

[ Erik's ass photo removed at the request of just about everyone ]

Finally the desk is installed. Paint for the desktops is 1 coat of while latex, 3 coats of flourescent theatrical paint, and 3 coats of clear acrylic enamel. The desktops glow under blacklight. All of the other paint is matte black.