Nebuchadnezzar Bridge September 2010

After burning through 25 sheets of 4x8 MDF in building shelves and desks, I think that I am finally ready to construct the crown jewel of the desk project. One of my favorite movie sets is the bridge of the Nebuchandnezzar in Matrix. I like the idea of the panoramic monitor display that cats can't knock over. Resistance to cats isn't my only motivation for wanting to build such a thing; there are plenty of reasons, the most significant of which is my dislike for the traditional 6-foot lunch tables that I have used for desks over the years.

This is the BEFORE picture of the traditional lunch table setup. Lunch tables are usually studier than the pieces of crap particle board computer desks but as you can see from the taped edges and bowing in the middle from the weight, they aren't meant to be used as desks for the long term.

The first step was clearing a space to build the shelves.

The next step was to install the guide rails on which the shelves were to be installed. This was the same method that I had used for all the previous shelves that I had installed.

Shelves installed, Timmy inspects the work and gives it his blessing.

Finally, construction of the bridge. I had to order another 10 sheets of MDF (after burning through 25 sheets for all the other desks and shelves).

At last, the desk starts to take shape.

I had to build a jig for the steel risers or else I would not have been able to weld them perfectly vertical.

Steel risers and secondary desktop installed. There is still some welding to do to connect the risers but I didn't get any photos of me welding.

After some paint and custom mounting frames for the monitors, it is finally time to move everything to the boiler room and install. If you look closely at the custom mounting frames, you will see that they are just C-clamps. Got those at Harbor Freight for about $2 each. What is coolest about the whole project is the flourescent white paint that I used so that the desks glow under blacklight.