Project completed in June 2011

After repeated evenings of cat-induced disasters that included deleted files, spilled coffee/wine, and air intakes clogged with fur, I decided to come up with a solution to the cat problem that DIDN'T include getting rid of the cats. The solution is to fabricate a "CAT-O-TRON" device that will encourage cats to sleep elsewhere.

Desk covered
          with animals

Since cats prefer to look DOWN upon their humans, the idea is to build a platform that can be mounted to the desk rack system . The first step is to build a wooden bowl that will accommodate a curled cat.


The next step is to fabricate a steel frame that will support the bowl.

Bowl frame

My ever-present assistant Anya approves the design.

Anya approved

More modifications to the bowl design. Again, Anya approves the design changes.

Bowl, Anya

I attach carpet left over from the house construction and attach the finished design to the Nebuchadnezzar monitor frame. Leroy tests the final product and gives it his yawn of approval.

Leroy approved

This project turned out to be just the prototype for more Cat-o-Tron structures: