Project completed May 2018

So my friend Tana is a crazy cat lady like I am and wanted a cat-o-tron to put on her back patio for neighborhood strays to have a place to crash when the weather is ugly. The idea was to design a low-profile, minimal footprint cat-o-tron that will accommodate a small patio while providing the same level of refuge for furry residents as the broader models.

The first step was to build "apartments" that adorn the central column. The design is hexagonal, which I only did to support ease of attachment to the central column.

The next step was to build "patios", which are outside of each of the apartments. This is the classic "cat-o-tron" platform design from previous builds.

Carpeting the apartment kind of reminded me of the facehugger eggsac from Alien.

Attaching apartments and patios to the central column required a bit of welding. For this I needed to fabricate some joints that attached "branches" to the column.

This is what the branch joint looks like attached to the column.

The patios get carpeting.

Finally the branches are attached.

Tana ended up moving from the place where the cat-o-tron was going to be used so I installed it on the back patio.

mono cat-o-tron completed

Other Cat-o-Tron structures: