Office Prototype 2010

For as long as I can remember, my computer desks has consisted of portable lunch tables. They serve their purpose but over the years I have put together a laundry list of why they suck:

Rather than selling out and buying some cheap piece of crap at the office supply store, I drew up schematics of something better that I want to build. I finally implemented those plans.

First, I had Home Depot deliver a stack of MDF fiber board. This stuff is 4 feet by 8 feet sheets and HEAVY! I used to use it to make speaker boxes so I know it is sturdy and perfect for the job. The first phase is the desktop. The picture below shows the pre-cut "east" section of the U shape.

After cutting the U shape, I doubled the thickness of the inner curve. I ended up using a router and rounding the curve, filling in the gap with wood putty.

I built the sections so that they could be easily disassembled in order to move to their final location without massacring the walls and doors in the process.

Once the desk pieces were finished, I started on the shelves. Since the shelves are independent from the desk, they had to be attached to the walls. I did this by attaching guide rails to the walls, securing the rails to the studs behind the drywall.

I built several vertical shelf supports that attach to the rails. Dado joints hold fixed shelves at rail points.

Finally the shelves are installed, some of which are adjustable.

The final step is installing the desk. I painted it with a heavy-duty eggshell white and a clearcoat acrylic. I suppose that I could have painted the shelves too but that is a project for another day.