For our 25th anniversary in 2020, we had planned a trip to Argentina to visit some of the popular wine regions. COVID delayed this trip for two years, but travel restrictions fell away almost completely in 2022 to allow us to go.

We used the services of Plan South America to plan everything. They had some turnover during the two years, which didn't affect the itinerary significantly, but we were handed off to several representatives as they came and went. I mention this because our most recent representative, Franco, was extremely helpful in responding to questions by means of our WhatsApp communication. Although I wanted to credit his predecessors in creating our wonderful itinerary, Franco was the one who was on call and responded immediately when we needed help with something throughout the adventure.

A couple of issues that changed the planning process before the trip:

  • In 2020 when we were supposed to have done this adventure, we had just started studying Spanish. Part of the planning involved hiring guides to help us through the language barrier, especially when we moved further north, where English was not likely to be an available option. However, the pandemic gave us a two-year opportunity to get up to speed with Spanish to the point where we were comfortable with handling the language barrier on our own without a guide. Although there were some moments where it was necessary to warn people about our lack of language proficiency, we were seldom in situations where our lack of Spanish (or their lack of English) brought conversation to a halt.

  • The main criteria when we initially put this plan together involved visiting bodegas, scheduling wine tastings, and talking to winemakers. Initially, we were open to other activities that involved walking or hiking through national parks and enjoying the Argentine culture. However, one week before we were scheduled to leave, Lorna dropped a full bottle of wine on her foot, badly breaking her big toe. This meant having to wear a moon boot during recuperation and avoiding the aforementioned outdoor activities.

Days 0-1: Travel to Mendoza

Day 2: Lujon de Cuyo

Day 3: Travel South to Valle de Uco

Day 4: Tour of Uco Valley

Day 5: Travel to Barreal

Day 6: Posada Pasos de los Patos in Barreal

Day 7: Barreal to La Rioja

Day 8: El Chiflón to Chañarmuyo

Day 9: Chañarmuyo to Cafayate

Day 10: Cafayate

Day 11: Cafayate to Salta

Day 12: Salta

Day 13: Salta to Buenos Aires

Days 14-15: Buenos Aires, Return Home, and Final Thoughts